HIV and AIDS in 2030: A Choice Between Two Futures
HIV and AIDS in 2030: A Choice Between Two Futures


About the author, David R. Barstow

David R. Barstow is a computer scientist turned AIDS activist. After earning his PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University in 1977, David spent the next thirty years as a college professor, industrial research scientist and engineer, internet entrepreneur, and business consultant. A remark by Bono, the Irish rock star, at a 2006 Christian leadership conference prompted him to change directions. Since then David has focused his time and energy on strengthening the religious response to the AIDS epidemic. In 2007, he founded EMPACT Africa, a Christian non-profit dedicated to working with local faith leaders in southern Africa to address the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS. During the past decade, he has worked with numerous governmental, non-governmental, and faith-based organizations. Most recently, David worked with the World Council of Churches to coordinate the Common Voice initiative, an inter-religious movement of advocacy and action to end AIDS.

Barstow at a Pastor Training Workshop in Zambia

Released in June 2019, A Choice Between Two Futures: HIV and AIDS in 2030 is a book written by David Barstow telling the story of two future International AIDS Conference panels; one called How We Lost the War Against AIDS and one called How We Won the War Against AIDS. The choices we collectively make now will determine which will be fiction and which will be non-fiction. Click the image on the right to learn more.

How We Lost the War Against AIDS is a trailer for a documentary film that hasn’t yet been made. It will be made in 2030 if the world collectively makes poor choices now. Let’s make sure that this documentary film never needs to be made. Click the button to watch the trailer.