HIV and AIDS in 2030: A Choice Between Two Futures
HIV and AIDS in 2030: A Choice Between Two Futures


HIV and AIDS in 2030: A Choice Between Two Futures

It’s not too late to change the future…

We can end AIDS – for good. We have the science and the on-the-ground game to make it happen. The only question is: Will we do it?
— Amb. Mark Dybul, Former Executive Director of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

2030 will be a year of reckoning for the AIDS epidemic, marking the first half century of one of the worst epidemics in the history of the world. The 28th International AIDS Conference in July 2030 will include a panel of leaders looking back on the fifty-year history of HIV and AIDS.  But what will the panelists say?

If HIV and AIDS have made a strong resurgence during the 2020s, the panel will be called How We Lost the War Against AIDS, and the panelists will focus on what went wrong. It will be a very sober discussion, because they will know that the catastrophe could have been avoided.

BUT… in a different future, a future in which HIV and AIDS are no longer threats to public health, the panel will be called How We Won the War Against AIDS. These panelists will look at the key events and key decisions that kept the global progress going, even during times that were politically or socially challenging. And they will celebrate!

HIV and AIDS in 2030: A Choice Between Two Futures is a book written by Dr. David Barstow about the story of these two future International AIDS Conference panels. The choices we collectively make now will determine which will be fiction and which will be non-fiction. Fifty-percent of the net profits will be donated to charities whose work will help us win the war against AIDS. Click the image on the right to learn more about the book.

How We Lost the War Against AIDS is a trailer for a documentary film that hasn’t yet been made, and hopefully never will be. But the film will be made in 2030 if the world collectively makes poor choices now. Click the button to watch the trailer.