HIV and AIDS in 2030: A Choice Between Two Futures
HIV and AIDS in 2030: A Choice Between Two Futures


HIV and AIDS in 2030: A Choice Between Two Futures

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June 27, 2019 KXAN Interview - The Future of the Fight Against AIDS: ‘The AIDS epidemic isn’t over’: Austin activist explores two futures in new book (by Chris Davis)

July 26, 2019 Mornings with Carmen LeBerge - Amb. Mark Lagon talked about the role of faith and religion in the response to AIDS.

Released in June 2019, A Choice Between Two Futures: HIV and AIDS in 2030 is a book written by David Barstow telling the story of two future International AIDS Conference panels; one called How We Lost the War Against AIDS and one called How We Won the War Against AIDS. The choices we collectively make now will determine which will be fiction and which will be non-fiction. Fifty-percent of the net profits will be donated to charities whose work will help us win the war against AIDS. Click the image on the right to learn more about the book.

How We Lost the War Against AIDS is a trailer for a documentary film that hasn’t yet been made. It will be made in 2030 if the world collectively makes poor choices now. Let’s make sure that this documentary film never needs to be made. Click the button to watch the trailer.

We must return to the sense of urgency and recharge our efforts. Barstow makes it clear the heavy price the world will pay for not doing so.
— DR. MICHAEL MERSON – Author, The AIDS Pandemic: Searching for a Global Response and Professor of Global Health, Duke University
David Barstow’s book lays out two possible storylines based on the two possible choices the world might make. We can write this next chapter, but what will we write? The choice is ours to make.
— RICHARD STEARNS – President Emeritus, World Vision US